About Us

BBPA aims to join private practice providers, in collaboration with Brookwood Baptist Health, into a single comprehensive care management system that is designed to improve the quality of health care services and control costs.  BBPA is different from other clinically integrated networks because providers have played a key role in the development process and have been responsible for the development of the Clinical Integration Program.  This program allows our providers to concentrate our efforts on improving the quality of care offered to the patients in our area.  Additionally, participating providers will be able to benefit from the national expertise and centralized approach Tenet utilizes with payer partners.

Our Story

BBPA providers agreed upon the following goals and objectives:

  • BBPA must be a physician led and run organization
  • It will improve quality of care for patients by designing quality programs and choosing measures that result in better health outcomes for our patients
  • It will assist providers in navigating industry changes by providing quality care, improving communication between providers of that care, and negotiating with one voice in the marketplace.
  • It will utilize Brookwood Baptist Health facilities and resources with the strength of the BBPA as an integrated organization with primary care and specialist providers to serve the clinical and social needs of our patients
  • It will create proper incentives through a contracting framework which rewards success in managing a population of patients
  • It will have a strong voice in the marketplace with insurers
  • It will become the network of choice for payers, employers, and patients by offering a differentiated network of high quality, clinically-integrated providers demonstrating best outcomes

Are you interested in learning more about the BBPA?  Please check our FAQ for additional Information.